About Us

Megmeet® Artificial Lift technology development began with Qianjing Technology Company, Ltd. in 2007 with the initial Synchro-Smart™ rodless PCP prototype which successfully confirmed the submersible motor driven progressing cavity pump. This innovative technology addressed the demand for optimizing oil production in China where surface driven PCP’s are prohibited. From the original prototype, several redesigns improved the system life and reliability. Megmeet® contributed their expertise in the permanent magnet motor design and variable speed drive, with advanced sensorless vector control resulting in a product ready for initial manufacturing in 2015.

In 2017, with the success of the joint development of the Synchro-Smart™ system, Megmeet® and Qianjing Technology merged. By December 2016, the initial production units had been stabling operating in the Daqing Oilfields (Hebei Province) and Shengli Oilfields (Shandong Province) for 500 continuous days and the product was released to mass production. Megmeet® was the first company to develop this submersible direct-drive PCP for oil production. Initial installations were in wells with highly viscous, heavy oil but with its proven reliable, environmentally friendly, low cost operation the product quickly gained widespread acceptance for a wide range of well conditions.

The Megmeet® Artificial Lift Design Center is in Hangzhou, China in proximity to Shanghai. With 25 patents to date, the Megmeet® AL engineering team has developed a product that is certified by customers for oil production. One customer stated that the submersible direct-drive PCP for oil production, takes up a small surface space, completely solved the problem of rod-tube eccentric wear that typically exists in the deviated and horizontal wells, has improved efficiency over surface driven PCP’s, requires minimal maintenance of only the surface equipment.